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Become a KardiaCare Member

KardiaCare is designed to maximize the potential of your Kardia device and give you a comprehensive view of your heart health from home. Get a free month by joining today. Available for purchase in the Kardia App.

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As a KardiaCare member, you’ll enjoy a suite of exclusive features, including:

  • Clinician ECG Reviews

    Receive an ECG review every 90 days by a cardiac physiologist.

  • Monthly Heart Health Report

    Download a report that summarises all of your ECG recordings every month. Share with your doctor or use it to track your heart health over time.

  • Automatic ECG Sharing

    Set up automatic sharing of your ECGs with family or caregivers using Inner Circle.

Purchase in the Kardia app today and get a free month.

Sign Up Today

Become a KardiaCare member for just £9.99 per month or £99 per year. Purchase in the Kardia app today and get a free month.

Prices include VAT, where applicable. In countries whose currencies are not shown here, the monthly charge for KardiaCare will appear on your statement as 9.99 USD. Additional foreign exchange fees from your credit card company may apply.

Australia 12.99/mo 130/yr (AUD)
Belgium 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Canada 12.99/mo 130/yr (CAD)
France 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Germany 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Ireland 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Italy 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Luxembourg 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Malta 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Netherlands 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Spain 9.99/mo 99/yr (EUR)
Switzerland 9.99/mo 99/yr (CHF)
United Kingdom 9.99/mo 99/yr (GBP)
United States 9.99/mo 99/yr (USD)