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AliveCor Enterprise Solutions: Devices, SDK, API text with images of a hand holding a KardiaMobile 6L, a professional looking at KardiaPro and the Kardia app running on an iPad.

AliveCor integration opportunities enable healthcare professionals and enterprise clients to monitor patient heart data with KardiaMobile 6L, our six-lead personal ECG.

We offer a variety of integration technologies for your own ecosystem, such as our Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API). These allow you to streamline ECG interpretation through remote patient monitoring and deliver enhanced patient care.

Our Devices

KardiaMobile 6L

KardiaMobile 6L with an iPhone showing 6 leads
  • The only CE-marked, FDA-cleared, 6-lead personal ECG
  • Increased ability for clinicians to identify cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial flutter and heart block
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KardiaMobile with iPhone showing ECG
  • CE-marked, FDA-cleared, single-lead personal ECG
  • Most clinically-validated and widely-used personal ECG in the world
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Front-end Integration: SDK

The Kardia app SDK enables your enterprise to incorporate the Kardia app software to access our KardiaMobile 6L device on your developed mobile app.

Diagram showing how the Kardia app SDK works between the KardiaMobile 6L and the Partner Enterprise System.
Device showing the Kardia app KardiaMobile 6L connect screen.

For more information about the Kardia SDK, contact the AliveCor team

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Back-end Integration: KardiaPro API

AliveCor’s Kardia API allows access to patient data stored in the AliveCor cloud from your enterprise system, so that it can be imported into another system of analysis.

Diagram showing how the Kardia API connects the patient with the partner via the cloud.

For more information about the API, contact the AliveCor team

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Why integrate with AliveCor?

AliveCor Enterprise Solutions: Solutions provider with customisable & integrable plaform, international brand recognition, most clinically validated personal ECG solution, medical grade CE-marked and FDA-cleared solution.

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